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How "The Cellar" Came About

Every great venture starts with an idea, and “The Cellar” is no exception. Even though the history is very short, there is a neat story that goes with it.

It all began when the Lancaster County Showcase (a wholesale furniture outlet) purchased a new facility located in the Houston Run industrial complex near Gap. The building was constructed in 2008 as a medical facility for the 55-and-older community. The plan was to have every medical need, including physical therapy – which is still on the premises, under one roof. It was a beautiful vision by Jonas and Ann Beiler, who are also known for Annie Ann’s soft pretzels. Due to the recession and other reasons, their plan did not come to fruition.

It was during the purchase of the building in September of 2020 that the Showcase Team decided the larger room in the basement (ground level to lower parking lot) would work great for meetings and serving a meal during the Expo days. Boom! The idea of having a banquet hall was born.

In the summer of 2021, plans were made and a team was set in place to make it happen. “The Cellar “ was chosen as the name and a German font was chosen for the logo to honor the Pennsylvania Dutch history of the area. In December 2021 a few test banquets were hosted. On January 3rd 2022, “The Cellar “ opened its doors to the public for all kinds of events.

Come join us in making history.

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